Dude (lukewarm256) wrote,

Long time

Well, it has been a while, now hasnt it?

the whole summer went by without me saying anything, and i cant pretend that i could fill in the whole thing--nor do i think anyone'd be interested in that. so i'll leave most of it out.

Back in school, as of August 28th. In 4 classes again, 3 history, and one philosophy. I dont think i'm really 'getting' the philosophy class very well. and as for the history classes... yeah, they're pwning me... but i think i'm doin alright... midterm result for 1 comes in next week, and i get to take the other next week.

Well, i got myself too many cars again. working on the one to fix and sell soon... it's a nice car, 91 voyager. has a miss. prolly an injector. Got a suzuki swift... i like it. it's my lil budy. it needs some control arm bushings... have to get ahold of the dealer to get them things. bah. may sell it. may sell my 97 pontiac too, dont know. gonna part-out and haul away my black s-10 truck.

no news on the 'getting a girlfriend' front. still not looking. happy the way i am. ... just waiting for the right girl to come along and get me. doenst look like that's gonna happen. eh, oh well.

hmm, yeah, basicaly i'm the same as i was a year ago, or 2 years ago, or 5 years ago ... but with slightly more knowedge, and a better understanding of who me is.

guess i dont have much to say. so i dont bother to say it.

have a myspace thing now ... never use it either... but, hi bri! (and emma, who'll prolly never see me LJ)

... well, must go.


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