Dude (lukewarm256) wrote,

screw it

i had this monster question thing filled out, but then i realized, a good 1/5th of the questions it asked i no-comment'd .. so, really, what's the point, right?

anyway, i'm bored, have been for days... ever since the kids left... life is suxxors

ok, not THAT bad, but, come on, it's BORING, and so am i, i've decided.

school starts in a month.. that oughta help some, maybe

i want a job, but i dont want one.. it's ever so confusing... is there a middle ground with that?... spose not .. cant be "sorta employed" anymore than u can be "sorta pregnant" ...

but i really wanna DO something... and there's nothing to do, especially when u have no money to do it..

suppose i should start figuring out what i can do without money... bah.

i need to get a full blown rant together soon... any ideas?

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